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I had a party planning business once when my kids were younger and I was throwing parties all the time. Everyone that attended my parties have always been amazed by how good the food was, how creative the theme, decoration and entertainment were. When I plan a party, I go all out. What I mean by that is not just about the money I spend but also the time and effort I put into it. If you’re going to make an effort to throw a party, make it right. Alright enough about that and let’s get right to the must do’s.

1. Go online and search the type of party you want to plan and look at pictures and get ideas of the layout, color and decoration. Pinterest is my best friend. You really need to have some visual before you start planning. Pin all the ones that you like then go back to them and look at them again and again until you determine what suits you best.

2. Food: Obviously food is important at any party. Kids, adults whatever type of party you are throwing, the food has to be good. Figure out the kind of food you want to serve. Stick with one culture. If you are going with Mexican food, stick to it all the way (appetizer , main and desert). You don’t have to have too many food items. You can have a nice party with five items. Two appetizers, two main dish kind of food, and one sweet treat. The less the number of food, the less stress for you to plan and it will be just perfect. You can have two types of drinks ( alcoholic and nonalcoholic). I’ve ordered from Whole Foods (my go-to) and different restaurants before. Remember, you don’t have to order everything from one place you can pick and choose your favorites from different places. Anyway, I’ll keep this post very high-level because I’ll have more posts coming with different types of parties and details later on. send a thumbs up if that’s interesting to you.

3. Entertainment: That really varies depending on what type of party you are throwing. Kids’ parties definitely need entertainment. You will need an entertainer that will keep the kids busy and happy. There are so many entertainers you can hire these days. I have hired a clown, magician, fireman, princess, a pony, etc… The options are endless. For adult parties, again depending on the type of party, you can always organize some games and have good music. Look up the most popular adult games online with great reviews and order/buy ahead of time. Lastly, music sets the vibe so have your play list ready to go.

4. Venue and Decorations: I have done most of my parties at my house. You can always transform your place with balloons, confetti, Pom-poms, tassels and those cute lanterns you find at party city as well as fun table settings. If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can always consider a nice park, a restaurant that has a separate party area outside, a winery, the list goes on…If you don’t want to spend too much, stick to the park (especially for kids’ parties). Drive around and look for a nice and clean park that is not busy during the time you are putting this party together. Similar to how you would dress your house with a nice party decor, you can always dress up the park with lots of balloons. You can also buy those birthday card boards you can stick in the grass and create a fence around your party. For adult parties, consider a restaurant or a winery with a large party area indoor or outdoor. That can get expensive. If you are on a budget, you could also consider rec or party rooms of different communities centers.

5. Time: This is important to me. I enjoy parties but I can’t party all day. I plan for my parties to start around 2PM in the afternoon if it is for kids and 4pm if it is for adults. It gives you all morning to get ready, pick up food, fill in anything that is missing. I always put down an end time. Some guests don’t know how to leave so if you make it late, these guest will have to leave. I like to have time to clean up and get rest so I hate for it to drag. Maybe I am just old 🙂

6. Goody bags/Favors: You don’t have to do this but I love doing it. I like to treat everyone that attended with something small, unique and fancy. Your guest will leave smiling.

That’s all for now! If you want more posts on party planning please like this. I have so much more to share.

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